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How To Successfully Combine Working From Home and Parenting

My son was standing in my lap, flying his “dinosaur bird” around my head in giant, erratic swoops. I was on the phone with a prospective client, trying my best not to sound like I was under attack by a prehistoric beast. Wearing the same black turtleneck I’d worn the day before (and had slept…

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What To Do When You Can’t Handle Life!

“I can’t do this anymore. “ I’ve said this more times than I want to admit. It’s how I feel when I’m overwhelmed. It’s how I feel when I am afraid of the next step. It’s how I feel when I don’t feel in control of my situation. It’s how I feel when I think…

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10 Things You Need To Know About Successful Sales Calls

10 Tips for Successful Sales Cales

When I worked as a pharmaceutical sales rep, I learned quickly that everyone has his/her own style of selling. While I knew to follow company policies and practices, many times it was my individuality that got me past the gatekeeper and in front of the decision maker. And once I got there, I knew I…

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Why You Stay On The Team

Reflections From An 8th Grade Football Mom:   When it’s his first year to play and he’s in the 8th grade, his friends are going to scare the crud out of him by telling him how horrible it’s going to be. 2. When it’s the first week or so of practice, he’s going to want to…

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Divorce Is No Fun. Be A Friend.

When I travel, I make sure I have time for breakfast, because I love waffles, and the hotel chain I like lets you make your own. When you travel as much as I do, it’s the little things that matter. Recently, I was sitting at a table eating when I overheard two ladies deep in…

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Yep, I’m Somebody’s Mom!


Just got to the hotel for the Illinois junior high student council convention. Was riding the elevator up to my room with a bunch of giggling girls. I asked if they were here for the convention. They all said yes we are!! I said, “Awesome! I am your speaker tonight!” One girl scrunched up her…

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Why Did I Want To Write After The Speech?

For years, teens have come up and talked to me after they’ve heard one of my programs. I’m always amazed at what they are willing to share. I’m not sure I’d tell a total stranger some of the things they tell me. But, then again, sometimes it’s easier to tell a stranger or an acquaintance…

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