Why Did I Want To Write After The Speech?

For years, teens have come up and talked to me after they’ve heard one of my programs. I’m always amazed at what they are willing to share. I’m not sure I’d tell a total stranger some of the things they tell me. But, then again, sometimes it’s easier to tell a stranger or an acquaintance things that you wouldn’t tell a close friend or family member. There’s no history, there’s no real relationship, and they know I’ll be gone after an hour or two.

But, sometimes, the students are craving more attention, or need just a little more information or help than I can give in a few minutes by the side of the stage. I give them my card and I tell them to call me or email. Some do, but most don’t. I know that the emotion or the urgency to talk to me passes.

That’s why I wrote this book. So many teens face the same challenges or experience similar feelings and they aren’t sure what to do with them. Through this book, I’m able to reach a wide audience and give quick information and advice that will help them improve their lives.

Some just need to know they aren’t the only ones feeling a certain way. Hopefully, through reading these stories, they will realize that we all have times when we don’t feel so great, we all need some help, and it’s better to talk about our “stuff,” than to keep it in and do nothing about it.

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