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Archive for June 2013

Too Provocative

I tried on one of my two piece bathing suits today. Not the one with the little skirt—the one with the bikini bottoms. I’ve been working out. Andrew and I are going to Hawaii—why not live dangerously and wear a true bikini? Andrew walks into my room unannounced and screams, “Mom, what the heck?!? No…

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Andrew was standing in my lap, flying his “dinosaur bird” around my head in giant, erratic swoops. I was on the phone with a prospective client, trying my best not to sound like I was under attack by a prehistoric beast. Wearing the same black turtleneck I’d worn the day before (and slept in), I…

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There were so many things I wanted to do as a mom: so many crafts, so many cute ways to serve food, so many scrapbooks to document Andrew’s life…so many things I’ve never done. Andrew never liked to color. He rarely wanted to make a craft. Many times, I tried coming to the kitchen armed…

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