Harriet works with companies, small businesses, non-profits, schools, brands, & entrepreneurs.

Harriet's philosophy:

It's never too late for you to experience a life of success - professionally and personally.

With every program, Harriet delivers ideas that are practical with steps that are actionable for everyone in the room.

Whether a senior executive, middle manager, solo-entrepreneur, or a team leader -- everyone who hears Harriet’s message will walk away with a renewed idea of what it means to be “unstoppable.”


Some of Harriet's Popular Speaking Topics For Adults:

This dynamic leadership program combines humor with a thought-provoking message to inspire and energize participants towards key goals that are critical for successful people.

Participants will learn these key aspects of success:

  • The confidence to believe in their talents and skills
  • The importance of character development for themselves and their teams
  • How to balance both professional & personal lives
  • How to find and build up their level of resilience

Through this program, Harriet introduces participants to the skills and attitudes that can help your teams or organizations cultivate a healthy & productive culture.

Participants will learn these key aspects of healthy, productive, and successful cultures:

  • Healthy & Intentional conflict resolution
  • Crucial communication techniques
  • Understanding body language
  • Active listening skills
  • Emotional Management
  • Successful Problem Solving

Through this program, Harriet teaches participants the game-changing habits necessary to excel in the workplace, boost performance, and become a trusted teammate.

Participants will learn:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Goal-setting for success
  • How to replace apathy with energy and drive
  • How to overcome and lead through workplace adversity
  • Healthy team building

In this content-rich program, Harriet leads participants through the steps to develop a more effective team at work.

Participants will learn:

  • How to leverage vision as the leader
  • How to identify and transfer advanced leadership skills to the right team members at the right time
  • How to incentivize the achievements of your team members


Some of Harriet's Popular Speaking Topics For Youth:

So you have a dream—now what? Dreaming alone doesn’t transform these aspirations into reality. In “Just Deal With It,” Harriet leads participants on a take charge, get real and go for it journey. Belief, character development, balanced living, and resilience are key aspects of success. This dynamic leadership program combines humor with a thought-provoking message to inspire and energize participants toward these goals.

Homes, schools, communities and regions—sometimes it feels like violence is all around us. How can you transform yourself, break the bonds of violence in your community and build a future with others? “Just Choose Peace.” Through this program, Harriet introduces participants to the skills and attitudes that can change a non-caring community into a productive one (conflict resolution, anger management, bullying and creative problem solving).

In America, drinking and driving is a leading cause of death for teens age 15 to 19. Speed, reckless driving and unused safety belts are all contributing factors. Through “Just Dying for a Drink?” Harriet combines stats and real-life stories to encourage students to buckle up, choose not to ride with a drinking driver and, most importantly, to party with style.” (Partying and style do NOT equal consuming alcohol or other substances.) This program is excellent for prom week.

From the time we are little girls, we are shown images of what a beautiful woman looks like. We are taught that we should try to be beautiful, too. We dress up, we put on make-up, we play with our hair, we read the magazines, and we try. We try very hard. But, we never know when it’s enough. No one ever says, “You’ve reached the goal! You can stop trying now.” So we keep on reaching for perfection. We’d like for someone to tell us when we are beautiful enough.

This presentation will help young women recognize their true beauty and self-esteem. Beyond just their physical appearance, they will dig deep and uncover their strengths, their value, and their self-worth. The journey of self-discovery will set them free. They will learn to appreciate their own unique beauty and to discard the myth that everyone else is better than they are.

Is your group bored with the same old energizers and games? Through “Just Get Up and Move,” Harriet introduces participants to games and activities to use at meetings, conferences, or any time your members need a break! Topics include:

  • Replacing indifference with energy
  • Dealing with adversity
  • Goal-setting
  • Action planning
  • Teambuilding/team management
  • Activity/fundraising ideas
  • Energizers/games

Harriet’s service learning programs encourage a new generation of student leaders to serve with substance. Rather than simply showing up for the ‘ta-dah’ moment, she challenges students to reach out to others and make a sustainable change by asking, “How can we serve you best?”

In this peer counselors/peer mediation program, Harriet combines experiential learning with research to create an effective and winning combination for participants. This intensive learning can cut months off learning time for a new group and boost an experienced group to their next enrichment level. Topics include:

  • Listening skills
  • Communication techniques and body language
  • Teen issues (suicide, grief, stress, alcohol/drugs, eating disorders)
  • Referral resources/when to let go
  • Teambuilding/leading a team
  • Conflict resolution/bullying/anger management

What clients have to say...

Junior Achievement has benefitted hugely from securing Harriet Turk to be the Keynote Speaker at our Young Women’s Futures Symposiums for 10th and 11th grade high school girls for the past 10 years. Her positive message to the girls about their value, abilities and self-worth is priceless. Each girl leaves the Symposium feeling that they can have the future they dream of. Harriet is engaging, approachable and extremely professional.

Betsi Zikmund
Director of Special Projects
Junior Achievement of South Central PA

Looking for a customized program?

Harriet regularly creates customized programs. If you have a specific need or a topic of importance, please let us know.