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It's Not Just A Tie

I didn’t think about it until it was too late.   Andrew had to wear a tie to school. It’s customary for the football players to dress up on game days. I knew this, but I had never equated “dressing up” to wearing a tie—a tie that Andrew didn’t know how to tie—until now. Our…

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I WILL Tell You To Enjoy Every Moment

Recently I read a blog entitled, “Stop Telling Me to Enjoy Every Moment.” If I could talk with the author of this essay face-to-face, one mother to another, this is what I would say. I understand why you feel the way you do, but you are so wrong. You won’t believe me until it’s too…

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Snacks or Service: What's Your Club's Story?

“No one will come if you don’t have lots of food.” “Bribes work; it’s sad but true.” “Donuts will go a LONG way.” These quotes are actual suggestions from students who wanted to help one of their peers start a new club. In fact, every suggestion I read on this particular Facebook thread listed food…

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Military Moves

Spiderman. Ninja. Sniper. Army soldier. Navy SEAL. When Andrew was small, he was constantly dressing up and telling me that he wanted to be these different people. I remember begging him to take off the costume-of-the-week—or month— just so I could wash it. I’d be cooking and see a flash go by as a “ninja”…

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Imperfection 101

Andrew walked by, quickly perused his lunch, and smashed the baggie of tortilla chips. “What in the heck are you doing?” I yelled. “Those are for your lunch! Why would you do that?”Andrew rolled his blue eyes, calmly looked at me, and said, “I like them in little pieces. I don’t like them all big…

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It’s cold. It’s raining. I’m mad. Every Monday night I feel this way, because every Monday night I have to take the trash out to the curb. I’ve already done the other “manly chores.” I’ve been in the backyard and scooped the dog’s poop. (The dogs I never wanted but now adore.) I’ve put up…

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All I wanted was to pull in my garage, walk in my house and go to bed.  After a long day of traveling, I was so tired and couldn’t wait to go to sleep.  I pulled in the garage, got out of my car and walked to the back door.  I hit the garage door…

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Why We Are So Passionate About Pot

After our last blog “Straight Talk About Weed,” which was shared by many people, I saw comments that said, “That’s her opinion. She’s welcome to think that, but there are no studies that can back up her statements.” Yes, I wrote from personal experience and personal beliefs.  Ray Lozano did not.  Every bit of his…

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If you have known me for any length of time, you know my position on illegal drugs.  They are illegal, therefore I don’t use them. Not once, ever. With the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington states, however, I could. I still won’t. I know too much about this drug to ever try…

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