Too Provocative

I tried on one of my two piece bathing suits today. Not the one with the little skirt—the one with the bikini bottoms. I’ve been working out. Andrew and I are going to Hawaii—why not live dangerously and wear a true bikini?

Andrew walks into my room unannounced and screams, “Mom, what the heck?!? No kid wants to see his mom dressed like that! Put on another bathing suit! I can see too much of you! Put on another one NOW!!”

Whoa. That was harsh. And then it dawned on me. I was thinking, “Dang. I don’t look too bad for a 48 year old. I’m gonna celebrate my hard work.” Andrew saw my “celebration” as MOM looking too cute, too provocative, too everything.

It’s hard combining the mom role with “I still look okay for my age, right?” instincts. What’s my solution? When I’m with friends, I wear the suit I want to wear. When I’m with my son, I wear the more appropriate “mom” suit.

I don’t want my child to be embarrassed by what I wear. I want him to be able to play and cut loose without the distraction of my choices. It’s a worthy tradeoff.

Lessons for the day:

  • I look okay for my age.
  • I’m a woman.
  • I’m a mom.
  • I can compromise within reason.
  • I’ll never wear “mom” jeans. No matter what he says.




  1. Veronica Viner on June 28, 2013 at 8:20 am

    Loved this one Harriet!!! So true!!!

  2. Michelle Shaul on June 28, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Love it!! Very well said 🙂

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