Student Activities ARE Important!

These past few months have been so busy and also so rewarding.  I’ve traveled to Texas, Nevada, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania, and worked with different groups with different issues. The one common goal is their love for students and student activities.  Funding has been cut so much that some programs have been eliminated.  However, what hasn’t been cut is the desire to make a difference–even in the tough times.  Educators, community activists, non-profit agencies, students–everyone I’ve come into contact with continues to work hard to make a positive difference to others.

Student activities should never be cut.  Their importance is too huge.  My friends, Bob Tryanski and David Brame created a video for the Alliance for Student Activities to illustrate this point–much more eloquently than I ever could. Take a few minutes and watch this video.  Share it with others.  Get involved in your schools and with your community agencies.  Let X= Student Activities Video Link

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