I’ve written these stories especially for you.

These stories are close to my heart, and I hope they will touch yours, too. Superheroes in Sweatpants celebrates the everyday moments that define motherhood in all its raw, unpolished, and incredibly beautiful glory.

From the chaos of morning routines to the quiet reflections after a long day, each story is a testament to the superhero within every mom. 

Book cover for Superheroes in Sweatpants featruing a mom and her two kids wearing capes and tshirts.

Inside This Gift, You Will Discover:

  • Heartwarming tales that celebrate the small victories and profound moments of motherhood.
  • Lessons on love, patience, and the art of letting go, allowing each story to guide you through the ups and downs of parenting.
  • Reflections on the bond between mother and child that offer insights and encouragement for your journey.

As a Bonus, You Will Also Receive:

  • Rediscovering Dreams Guide and Journal.