Coaching Program

There is no amount of marketing that will help you if you can’t back it up on stage. The best website cannot make up for a bad presentation.


What I Do


Create a customized program which is unique to you, your strengths, and your style.


Uncover the heart of your message.


Develop your stories with angles you haven’t thought about telling.


Connect your message to your audience’s hearts and minds.


Help you be so good on stage that no one can ignore you or your message.

For a standard 45 minute program, you better have at least 90 minutes of material that you could give in 30 minutes or less. Events rarely stay on time and you may be asked to stretch out your presentation because another presenter didn’t show up, or you may have to shorten your presentation because they are running behind on time. By the time you are finished working with me, you will be comfortable and confident that you’ve created a powerful presentation that you can deliver to any audience.

What Others Are Saying


Kate Garnes -

"You will not regret working with the one and only Harriet Turk. She is the best of the best."

Sam Lucania -

"Harriet was more interested in who I was, who I wanted to talk to, and why I wanted to talk about it... We took my talk from good to great."


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